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Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Get Your signs out there without regarding the weather

At certain times, some form of publicity or marketing may require the use of outdoor banners. The event may be commercial or non-commercial, elaborate or moderate, and may need some level of urgency. Whichever is the case, at Printer World, we will create quality banner designs that are suited to your particular occasion.

Using clear and bold print, we work to get you the attention needed to boost your business or occasion in any location. We can print the banners with designs provided by you, but you can also decide to work with the expert design team at Printer World. Book a design consultation with our team.

Our outdoor banners are designed to withstand wear and tear that comes from exposure to extreme weather conditions so the seasons do not prevent you from getting your message out there. We ensure that your banners are made from resilient and robust materials, such as mesh and vinyl.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl has been used for indoor and outdoor banners because of its resilience and strength against eroding weather conditions and precipitation. Vinyl banners are the preferred choice for prolonged display, despite the fact that they are heavier than other banner materials that are made from cloth. Vinyl is also preferred because of its versatility and waterproof features. Its durability and tensile strength make it easy to handle and transfer from one location to the other.

Contact us at Printer World now for a consultation on the design and print of your vinyl banner. 

Mesh Banners

Mesh provides an interesting option for printing attractive banners. Mesh banners are perforated and are a better hanging option for windy locations. The perforation allows the wind to go through the banner.

Mesh banners are the better option for high-altitude displays and for placing signs on moving objects like trucks. The wind vents in the banner help it to stay affixed against the force of the wind. 

Outdoor Vinyl Banners
Mesh Banner
Indoor Vinyl Banner
Mesh Banner