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Preventive Copier & Printer Maintenance

Save time, energy and money by working with Printer World and our preventative maintenance services

Preventative maintenance is an important aspect of making sure your inkjet, dot matrix or laser printer is running at its greatest potential and at optimal quality.  Performing a maintenance check every month will extend the life of the printer and give you the satisfaction that the printer will work on demand when it is called upon.

Most businesses choose to use one of our service contract options as proper printer maintenance can be quite overwhelming.   
Without appropriate care, problems such as paper jams, poor imaging, and leaking toner can occur which can completely destroy a machine.  Preventative maintenance for laser printers is even more important than other types of printers.  A laser printer typically prints more pages per minute and have more moving parts.  The maintenance process involves much more detail as image transfer units and fuser unit all need to be properly inspected.

These units need to be properly inspected by a technician for wear as they are usually in an area of the printer that is hard to access.

Embracing preventative maintenance with Printer World comes with numerous benefits:

Reduced Downtime:
By identifying issues early, we can resolve them before they cause printer failures, reducing unplanned downtime.

Improved Productivity:
With less time spent addressing printer malfunctions, your team can focus on their primary responsibilities, boosting overall productivity.

Increased Equipment Lifespan:
Regular upkeep and proactive replacements can extend your printers’ lifespan, making the most of your investment.

Cost Savings:
By avoiding major repairs or replacements that come with catastrophic failures, predictive maintenance can lead to substantial cost saving.

Learn More About Preventative Maintenance

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